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Spring 2021 Update
In This Email:
  • All UVA students, faculty, and staff should have received an invitation to schedule a vaccine. Please do so as soon as possible and stick with your appointment.
  • The pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccines means UVA Health will shift to other vaccines and vaccination operations will continue as scheduled.
  • The deadline to make a decision about grading options for spring classes and update that in SIS is approaching.

After more than a year of navigating a global pandemic and all the challenge and uncertainty it brought, we have finally reached the point where every member of our community is eligible for a vaccine, appointments are being set, and shots are being administered. As these numbers climb, we are optimistic that the prevalence of the virus in our area will decline, and we will be able to proceed with our plans for a much more normal University experience in the coming fall semester.

Every member of the UVA community who is in the Charlottesville region and is eligible to receive a vaccine through UVA Health should have received a notification to schedule a vaccine appointment. If you have an appointment, please keep it. If you haven’t yet made one, please do so as soon as possible in order to protect yourself and the people around you. If you have questions, please contact the UVA COVID Vaccine Call Center: (434) 297-4829.

As you may have heard, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have paused the use of one type of vaccine, produced by Johnson & Johnson, in order to evaluate very rare incidences of severe side effects. Our public health experts are monitoring the review of that vaccine carefully so that we can be sure that federal authorities have declared it safe for use before we resume offering it. While that pause is underway, UVA Health will use doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in order to keep our plans to vaccinate students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community on track.

These vaccines require one more dose than the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, usually 3-4 weeks after the first dose, which may pose logistical challenges for students who plan to leave the area at the end of this term. We strongly urge all UVA students to make an appointment and get their first doses as soon as possible, and to make sure to get their second dose in order to maximize the protection they get from the vaccine. If it is possible for you to remain in the area or return for your second dose, please make plans to do so. We are working with the Virginia Department of Health to identify options for students who will not be in the region when the time comes for their second dose and will provide an update on those efforts soon.

Rising vaccination rates in our area are an incredibly positive sign that better times are ahead – but please remember that we have not yet hit the critical point where masks, physical distancing, and gathering limits are no longer necessary to avoid a surge in cases. Severe spikes around the country and the world remind us that the virus is still a serious threat. As we enter the final stretch of this academic year, we must continue to put great and good into action and look out for our health and the health of the people around us.

Liz Magill

JJ Davis
Chief Operating Officer

Vaccine Update
Invitations to schedule vaccination appointments have now been sent to all students, faculty, and staff. You can learn more about UVA’s vaccination efforts here.

Anyone who has not had an opportunity to schedule an appointment or needs to reschedule a first dose appointment can call the UVA COVID Vaccine Call Center at (434) 297-4829. Agents are available to assist you Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This week, UVA Health announced it will follow the federal government’s recommendation and pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Vaccinations at the Seminole Square vaccination center and at community outreach events are expected to continue as scheduled with existing supplies of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
Notifying SHW About Your Completed COVID-19 Vaccination
If you received/are receiving your COVID-19 vaccine from a provider other than the UVA Health Student Vaccine Clinic (started April 12th), please upload your completed vaccine documentation to the Department of Student Health and Wellness’ HealthyHoos patient portal:
  • Click “Uploads”
  • Choose “Pre-entrance Health Form / Immunizations” for the document you are uploading
  • Take a photo of your COVID-19 vaccine card and complete the upload process as instructed

If you are receiving your COVID-19 vaccination through the UVA Health Student Vaccine Clinic, SHW will be automatically notified.

Students who have been fully vaccinated and have uploaded their vaccine card to the HealthyHoos patient portal are exempt from asymptomatic prevalence testing starting 14 days from the date of their final dose.
Saliva Testing for Employees
Employees can now schedule saliva testing through Time2Test. For information on specific testing locations, dates and times please visit the Be SAFE website.
Spring Break Day
Today is the last Spring Break Day for the semester. The University scheduled these days off from classes on Wednesday, Feb. 17, Tuesday, March 9, Monday, March 29, and today, Thursday, April 15, to give students and faculty an opportunity to rest and recharge in lieu of a week-long Spring Break. Visit the Academic Calendar for more information.
Changing Grading Options
SIS will reopen on Friday, April 23, and remain open until Friday, April 30, to allow students with the option (all undergraduates and those in most graduate programs) to make their final decisions about grading options for spring classes. The deadline to make your final decisions about grading options and confirm those decisions are correctly reflected in SIS is Friday, April 30, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Please view these step-by-step instructions on how to review and change current grading options for classes in SIS.
IM-Rec Update
Today is UVA’s last RECess day. See what’s happening and join the fun. You can now play 3v3 basketball and volleyball at MEM Gym! Click here to reserve a court. IM-Rec is continuing to identify more recreational opportunities while maintaining high standard of cleaning and safety! The following are available with a reservation.
  • Basketball and Volleyball at MEM
  • Volleyball and Badminton at SRC
  • Multi-purpose Rooms at MEM and NGRC
  • Weight Room reservations at MEM and AFC
  • Pool reservations at AFC and NGRC
  • Outdoor Fields and Courts
Check our beatCOVID web page to stay up to date on all operations.
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