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Isolation & Quarantine


Contact Tracing

If a member of the UVA community (students, faculty, staff, or UVA Health team member) is identified through contact tracing as having had close contact with an infected individual, they will be contacted by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). VDH will follow up with all close contacts and provide guidance based on vaccination status and symptoms. UVA will partner with VDH to help facilitate the referrals and any necessary testing. It is important that everyone in the UVA community engages with UVA and VDH teams during case investigation and contact tracing so that we can limit the spread of the virus. Students with concern for close contact exposure should review this PDF from Student Health and Wellness for next steps. Faculty, staff, and UVA Health team members may contact Employee Health.

Isolation and Quarantine

Isolation is the separation from others of an individual who has a confirmed infection of COVID-19. Individuals who are COVID positive should not share spaces (e.g., bedroom, bathroom) with others who are not COVID positive.

Quarantine is the separation from others of an individual who is awaiting their COVID-19 test result and/or has been in close contact of someone with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19. Being in quarantine means not sharing a bedroom and/or bathroom with others, if possible. There is no such thing as quarantining with others.

Students living off-Grounds will be expected to quarantine or isolate from ALL their housemate(s) at their off-Grounds housing. Students residing in University housing will be provided isolation or quarantine housing by the University. Student Health and Wellness (SHW) will recommend the duration period for isolation and quarantine and will monitor the health of students who are being isolated or quarantined. Visit the Student Health and Wellness COVID-19 webpage for student resources on quarantine and isolation.

Employee Health will provide guidance about returning to work following isolation or quarantine to employees and their managers.


  • Domestic - 833-454-6902
  • International - +1 202 800-2408