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Departure and Travel Guidance

Guidance for Students

As the end of the semester approaches, you should plan for travel-related requirements.

  • Air Travel.  Familiarize yourself with requirements for airline travel.
    • Test Requirement.  Depending on your travel destination, airlines may require a negative PCR result within 72 hours of your flight.  Saliva prevalence testing can be used for this purpose.
    • Timing of Saliva Test.  Please note that saliva tests done on a Friday will not be available in your medical records within 72 hours.  For this reason, we strongly discourage you from travelling on a Monday.  Your saliva results will be available in the Healthy Hoos patient portal within 72 hours for testing done all other days of the week.  Please note:
      • Through May 9, saliva testing is available Monday-Friday at various times and locations and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. at the Central Grounds Parking Garage. See the complete schedule.
      • After May 9, saliva testing will only be available Monday-Friday. Additionally, all sites will be closed May 20 (beginning at noon), May 21, May 24, and May 31.
      • If you need to provide additional details about the saliva COVID 19-test, please see the “printable detailed description of UVA saliva testing” on the Be Safe website.
    • Letter of Recovery.  If you have previously had COVID and are required to provide a letter of recovery, please contact Student Health and Wellness at 434-982-3915 to set up an appointment as soon as feasible.  Appointments are available Mon-Friday.  If your COVID test was performed outside the University, you will need to upload the result into Healthy Hoos before your appointment.  Please allow a minimum of 5 business days prior to your departure.  Shorter turnaround times may not be feasible. 
    • Proof of Vaccination.  If you need to provide proof of vaccination, you can download information that has been uploaded to the Healthy Hoos patient portal or provide the original documentation you received at the vaccination site.  We recommend carrying both paper and electronic copies of your documentation.
    • Antibody/Antigen Test.  If you require an antibody test or antigen test, you should schedule an appointment for these services in the community.
  • Destination Requirements.  Familiarize yourself with requirements of your destination.  If you are returning to your home country abroad:
    • Check the State Department website.
    • Check the destination country embassy.
    • Consider what the requirements will be for your return to the US if travelling internationally. See the CDC travelers website.
    • Understand that guidelines are fluid and subject to change.  Check regularly for updates.
    • International travel for University-related purposes is restricted.
  • Safety Considerations.  Please be careful while traveling – physically distance, wear your mask (even if vaccinated) so that you decrease exposure to yourself, loved ones, and others.
    • Face Masks.  The CDC provides guidance regarding wearing face masks when traveling by air or public transportation.


  • Domestic - 833-454-6902
  • International - +1 202 800-2408